Why I offer Gyrotonic Exercise Training for Women

Why I offer Gyrotonic Exercise Training for Women

Why I’m passionate about sharing GYROTONIC Exercise with other Women

For me, I first discovered GYROTONIC® over a decade ago when I was a professional modern dancer working in Amsterdam…

I was immediately impressed how quickly it helped me recover from my back injury and gain the strength & flexibility I was lacking in my dancing. I was hugely impressed and thankful, but as I didn’t have a GYROTONIC studio or trainer closeby at the time, I didn’t keep going regularly.

Years later, after finishing my dance career, becoming a mother and moving to the United States, I realized I was no longer in such great shape—I simply didn’t feel good in my body and felt myself lacking energy & inspiration. I knew I needed to change that! But the typical gym and training options in my local area didn’t really appeal to me…

Fortunately, I discovered there was a GYROTONIC® trainer right in Portland Maine, where I lived at the time! I immediate signed up for a pack of introductory sessions with Randy Matthews of the Body of Work studio and I was again amazed at how effectively these circular exercise sequences helped me recover (and even increase) my strength & flexibility and got me feeling energized and happy again in my body.

We women have our own unique fitness needs & desires…

Talking to my women friends—other mothers in particular—I was constantly hearing stories similar to mine about their many challenges around being a mom, often maybe juggling a part-time job, always taking care of others and generally having no time for themselves.

It seems that having low energy, not feeling great in and about our bodies and lacking in motivation & inspiration are sadly consistent themes for women—and even more so for us moms!

I realized that, with my past as a professional dancer, my knowledge & personal practice in healthy living and holistic nutrition, the years of UZAZU Mind-body integration workshops I’ve co-led with my husband—combined with this powerful and especially “female friendly” fitness system, GYROTONIC exercise—I was in a unique position to really help other women like me.

So I made the bold decision to start my own mind-body based fitness studio dedicated to helping other women like me step into their own full strength, grace and power.

That’s when I went ahead and got officially trained in the GYROTONIC Expansion System, invested in the amazing (and actually beautiful) Pulley Tower exercise machine and opened a cozy little studio right out of our wonderful home here in Freeport Maine!

It’s been a very rewarding first year so far for me with Freeport Mind-body Fitness. The clients I serve are consistently surprised by how much our sessions are helping them transform—both their health and their overall happiness & quality of life. And it brings me so much happiness watching my clients grow and blossom!

Born and raised in South Korea, Kyung-sun’s successful career as a modern dancer in Korea and the Netherlands gave her a rich background for what she gradually discovered to be her deeper calling in life: helping women feel fit, free and empowered using the power of their whole body & mind. Certified in both Gyrotonic Exercise and The UZAZU Mind-body Method, Kyung-sun works individually with women in a uniquely holistic approach to whole-body/whole-person exercise to help them them quickly and easefully step into greater levels of energy, flow, strength and personal freedom.


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