What is Holistic Exercise?

Holistic Exercise is fitness for your Whole Self.

Because in the end, it’s not really about “being in shape.”

It’s about being fully empowered and feeling truly happy.

What kind of “Fitness” are you really looking for?

Ask yourself three simple questions:


  1. How much of your day do you spend feeling stressed, tense and/or anxious instead of empowered, enthusiastic and relaxed?
  2. How often are you actively using your body in a way that feels pain-free, energy-filled and truly pleasurable?

  3. How often do you honor yourself and make choices for things that bring you authentic joy and deep aliveness? (This one is often so hard for us other-focussed women!)


1st person womans view of the forrest

While yes, ‘working out’ and ‘getting in better shape’ can indeed help you in so many ways, the simple truth is that we are so much more than our physical body—we are also emotional, social and spiritual beings...


That’s why physical exercise, on it’s own, is not the quickest, most effective way of lowering your pain & stress, increasing your positive energy & emotions and stepping into being a more fully empowered woman.


We need more than just physical fitness to be truly happy. We need a more holistic, mind-body fitness.


Mind-body Fitness, as opposed to just physical fitness,  empowers us to align and energize our whole self and give more from the fullness of who we are.


And Holistic Exercise—working out in a way that honors more of your whole being—is the best way I know of to cultivate truly integrated, sustainable energy, health & happiness in yourself!

How my own approach to “working out” has evolved...

Kyung-sun's UZAZU Mind-body Morning Workout-2

 For much of my life, it was difficult for me to be in touch with my own deeper desires. I didn’t really know what made me happiest. But fortunately, I knew it felt great to move my body, dance, workout and eat healthy, so I did that—a lot.


All my twenties and early thirties I was a professional modern dancer and “health nut”. It was an amazing period in my life.

But over time, I realized that despite being so physically active and in great shape, I still had plenty of stress in my life. I kept my emotions mostly bottled up, and my relationships were not as deep (or as sustainable) as I really wanted.

It wasn’t till years later that I really became open enough to go deeper with my own personal development... 

I learned two powerful techniques to integrate my deeper emotions and relationships with my whole body and mind. (Read more about them below!)

"Working out" in this more integrated & holistic way, I quickly began to feel much happier and emotionally connected to myself & others. I also developed a stronger connection to my own desires and sense of life purpose!

Because making this shift has made such huge difference in my own life, I’m now passionate about helping other women "get in shape”—not just physically, but mentally-emotionally as well!

I feel good and am moving forward in my career!

The work has enabled me to work through old patterns, be more open to experience positive feelings and move forward in my career! READ MORE

Penny Harris Fundraising Consultant

Feeling lighter, yet more connected and grounded

I have loved both my UZAZU and GYROTONIC sessions. This process is already helping my body to feel lighter, yet also very connected and grounded. READ MORE

Helen Bliss

Holistic Exercise as “a missing key” to Feminine Empowerment


Going to the gym and working out, taking a good vinyasa flow yoga class, going for a brisk walk or run—these can all be a great help to get your body more fit & your energy more in flow.


But we women can’t just “power through” our daily tasks & interactions with others using sheer energy and determination—at least not if we want to be happy... We need to feel emotionally connected to others and to ourselves! 

That's why, especially as women, we need to cultivate a more complete mind-body fitness to be truly happy and fulfilled.

When the exercising you do allows your physical strength, flexibility and coordination-building to more consciously support your mental-emotional-social processes—how you show up in your “daily life”—then amazing things start to happen.

You find that “exercising” starts to free up MUCH more of your energy. Anxiety and stress start to go down, your mood improves and your interpersonal interaction feel easier and more enjoyable!

Kyung-sun Baek uses these Eight Life Areas in her Life Coaching practice here in Freeport Maine.

Introducing GYROTONIC Exercise & UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching...

In order to provide women with an effective way to cultivate complete mind-body fitness, I work with two very complementary, exceptionally "holistic" modalities...


With GYROTONIC Exercise, many women are able to quickly develop a deeper, more pain-free, strong and empowering relationship to their bodies. This provides you a fantastic foundation for living a healthy, happy life!

From there, many of my clients then look to "take it to the next level" by starting to do a few UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching sessions with me and exploring where they might be holding themselves back emotionally and relationally. As they quickly learn to free up more of their deeper motivational drives and enthusiasm for life, they find themselves moving forward into bold new ways of being the world!


You can discover on this site more about each of these powerful techniques and see which seems like the best starting point for you right now!

>Exercise that Integrates your Whole Body

For women looking for a gentle, holistic approach to exercise that will build integrated strength & flexibility, reduce pain and improve overall health, GYROTONIC is an exciting option...

>Emotional-Relational Health & Whole Life Balance

In key areas of life such as intimate relationships, work and life purpose, the UZAZU Embodied approach offers a uniquely powerful, intuitive way for women to quickly move forward...