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What is UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching?

UZAZU is a simple and elegant way to understand and unlock the deep synergy between our feelings, thoughts and behaviors. It offers a method and practice for awakening and aligning these three core dimensions of our being.

Developed over 15 years through government-funded research into mind-body connection, UZAZU is a research-based, highly effective method and practice for becoming more vibrantly alive and fully engaged with life.

UZAZU is a way of connecting your mind, body and emotions so you can deeply engage with yourself, others and the world we live in. A language that ‘speaks’ without words, UZAZU uses simple combinations of vowel sounds, thoughts, and movements to tap directly into different dynamics of energy—it gives you the tools you need to unlock the enormous potential of your body-mind connection. UZAZU empowers you to quickly access new levels of both wellbeing and productivity.

Like yoga and tai chi, UZAZU has been born of embodied experience and extensive collaborative discovery. Like riding a bike, or brushing your teeth, after a short period of repetition, you’ll find that UZAZU goes beyond something you learn or do—it quickly becomes an instinctive part of who you are.

Here you read a core principle that guides the UZAZU method. This is a North Start metric for mind-body integration. This is why UZAZU is so important - because it helps you realize this principle.



How is UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching Different?

The'Holding and Nurturing' Movement
The 'Holding and Nurturing' Movement
The'Self-Asserting' Movement
The 'Self-Asserting' Movement

The majority of coaching and talk-therapies use talking—in the form of questioning, reflecting, discussing, imagining—as the main vehicle for supporting new clarity and growth.

But we know that over 92% of what drives our thinking and feeling lies in the unconscious.... So how do we access that when we can't "just talk about it" It's often a slow process to discover what we don't already know.

UZAZU utilizes a potent combination of simple movements, breath patterns and mental imagery.  By repeatedly firing different combinations of neuronal pathways, using UZAZU, you are quickly able to create healthy new patterns of thinking, feeling and acting in your life.


People are often amazed by how easily and rapidly they are able to experience profound emotional and behavioral shifts with UZAZU as compared to traditional talk-based therapies and coaching approaches.


With a small amount of practice, you’ll find you can significantly shift how are you being and doing in the world–whether that’s in your personal relationships with friends and family, or at work with your colleagues, employees, and partners.

With UZAZU, they discover a richness and depth of feeling, emotion, energy & vitality they never knew before.

The 3 Main Benefits of UZAZU Life-Coaching:

UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching-client-experiencing-joy

1) Increase your Positive States of Being

UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching - here's the basic overview/argument to why and how this is true and works/reason to believe.

  • Gently yet rapidly identify & release the blocked emotions that are stopping your life force from creating happiness for you
  • Decrease your anxiety & stress by being guided through an integrative mind-body process that allows you to finally let go of specific negative memories and emotions
  • Increase your positive energy by learning & practicing targeted thought-sound-movement combinations that free up specific kinds of energy
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2) Improve your Intimate & Social Relationships

UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching - here's the basic overview/argument to why and how this is true and works/reason to believe.

  • Stop being so affected by other people's emotions by learning how—with your body and mind—to set effective boundaries.
  • Learn to listen more to your own deeper needs so you can show up more fully in your relationships in a win-win way
  • Experience deeper connection & intimacy, by transforming the ways YOU may be blocking that closeness from happening.
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3) Gain Self-Empowerment & Sense of Purpose

UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching - here's the basic overview/argument to why and how this is true and works/reason to believe.

  • Become more grounded and secure in yourself so you more naturally trust your own intuition and choices

  • Clarify your own sense of life purpose, which for us women can so easily become taken over by other people’s needs!

  • Cultivate the courage to take bold new steps that create exciting new opportunities—for yourself and others

I feel good and am moving forward in my career!

My relationship with my body and my energy has really changed since doing my UZAZU sessions with Kyung-sun. I feel more open and am able to experience myself in new ways. The work has enabled me to work through old patterns and be more open to experience positive feelings which gives me much more energy. I also find I’m able now to move forward in my career in bold and exciting new ways! Kyung-sun is so intuitive and insightful—working with her is an amazing awareness-building experience.

Penny Harris Fundraising Consultant

So easy and natural to work with on deeper issues

Kyung-sun is so open, without judgement and so grounded in her Yin being, it was really easy for me to step right into working with her without any doubts or hesitation. I found Kyung-sun could easily relate to and understand my own situations as a women and, without “over-talking” it, worked with me effectively on them from a deeply holistic point of view. I felt no ‘language barrier’ at all. I had the feeling with her that the situation was allowed to fully “be” and had room to naturally evolve.

Toineke Theeuws IBM Healthcare Programs Manager

How the UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching Sessions Work


1) Finding our Focus:

We start each Life Coaching session with a simple conversation to get a sense where you are at and what you’re needing. Sometimes people come with clear sense of what they really want & need to work on... And sometimes, discovering that together is a key part of our process. Once have found our topic or issue to focus on, we discuss it briefly to get a basic understanding of what’s involved.



2) Sensing where to go deeper:

Then we use the UZAZU embodiment method to see how it feels and moves when you live it more fully in your body. Like this, we can quickly discover if ”the issue” we discussed is what we need to be focusing on, or if there’s something underneath that we really need to work on first. More often than not, (revealing a deeper cause or issue underneath). This discovery often brings an immediate flood of deeper feelings, awarenesses and insights.  This process of ‘going deeper’ is essential for uncovering those crucial layers of what is truly going on in you that you typically can’t access nearly as quick by simply talking about it.  



3) Transforming the Underlying Patterns:

And now we’re ready to explore the issue more deeply using the UZAZU Embodiment process. Using guided UZAZU movements, statements and visualizations—all specifically tailored to your issue—you’ll immediately start to ‘re-pattern’ your body-mind. These movements allow for powerful, holistic transformation—of your thoughts and beliefs, your feelings and emotional responses and the way your body and physiology naturally supports you in that context.  You learn, in very concrete ways, how to positively cope and thrive in that given situation, instead of negatively coping and creating reactive stress & more bad feelings.



4) Integrating it into your Life

The session finishes with some guided reflection on what you are noticing—what already feels different & more possible now. We then identify some key things you can do over the coming days to continue to build on and integrate what we’ve worked on in the session.  UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching is very helpful with this, as it offers a complete palette of short, very effective movement practices you can do at home to help further embody certain qualities such as Receptivity, Self-Empowerment, Relaxation, Joy, etc.

After a first session, even with more difficult issues and emotions that have been "stuck" for a while,  many clients report experiencing a profound shift.

The UZAZU Embodied Life Coaching approach is able, typically within just a few sessions, to create new integrated patterns of thought, feeling and action that transform lives and open up new possibilities for the women I work with.

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About the Eight Life Areas model of UZAZU

Kyung-sun Baek uses these Eight Life Areas in her Life Coaching practice here in Freeport Maine.

The 8 Life Areas is a simple map of the Self that helps us get a balanced, holistic overview of “how it’s going” in your life AND to quickly identify where it can be most helpful for us to put our focus.

The Eight Life Areas are the key aspects of your life that feed and empower you to live a complete, happy and meaning-filled life. When you attend to each of these eight life areas in a balanced and synergistic way, you nourish your Whole Self.

The Eight Life Areas Quick Assessment takes about 5 minutes to complete and gives a quick overview of how things are going in each life area. It's a quick yet very valuable exercise I have my clients do every few sessions so we can see where they are at and the progress they've made.

My Packages (and how most clients actually get started...)

While I offer single sessions, the majority of my first time UZAZU clients choose to start with an Intro Pack of 3 Embodied Life Coaching Sessions, as this gives them more of the full benefits and transformation this unique form of coaching can offer.

Typically, I recommend doing 1 session a week in the beginning so we can make consistent progress with whatever you're working on. For people who have already gotten used to integrating the UZAZU mind-body practices into their own life and workouts, we often choose an every-other-week rhythm.

Some clients come with a specific life issue they want to work on. In that case, a 3-session package is a great place to start and much progress can be made quickly.

For many of my clients, they start with the GYROTONIC package and we then slowly introduce some UZAZU practices here and there to help deepen how the movement work can benefit other areas of their life... From there, many move on to go deeper into the UZAZU work.

If you have any questions about how the sessions work and if they are a good fit for you right now, just call or email me.

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