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A Holistic Way to Improve Your Strength & Flexibility!

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Different from the often more isolation-based approaches to fitness,
Gyrotonic Exercise simultaneously strengthens and stretches multiple parts of your body using specialized, whole-body movements.

This means you can naturally increase your stability & range of motion and correct key postural misalignments—all while stimulating a healthy, energizing flow throughout your whole body!

You come out of each Gyrotonic Exercise session filling light and energized—not heavy and tired!

This special introductory session with certified Gyrotonic Instructor Kyung-sun Baek will give you a refreshing experience
of the unique benefits of Gyrotonic Exercise as well as an expert assessment of your body's flexibility & strength, and your posture & alignment. You'll you come away knowing exactly what YOU need to work on to take your fitness & optimal functioning to the next level.

Introductory Session Cost: $65

(Payable by cash or check directly after the session.)
After your initial session, you will have the option to receive a discounted 3-session starter package.


The 3 Top Benefits of Gyrotonic Exercise:

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 - Kyung-sun Baek

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What People are saying...

I have loved both my UZAZU and GYROTONIC sessions. This process is already helping my body to feel lighter, yet also very connected and grounded. READ MORE

Helen Bliss

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I found Kyung-sun’s GYROTONIC coaching ability to be exemplary. I would encourage anyone interested in restoring or maintaining total body health to schedule a session with Kyung-sun to experience the many benefits that can be obtained through GYROTONIC exercise. READ MORE

Lori A Topsham, Maine

Each workout session is different than the previous one. I appreciate the flexibility and strength I have gained. The quality of Kyung-Sun’s instruction is superb! READ MORE

Maurine Joy Owner, Midcoast Pilates Studio

I felt she was able to know exactly what my body needed and how to approach me with clear direction and a gentle manner. After our session working with the Gyrotonic machine, I felt both more relaxed and alive, with an ease in my joints as well as a fuller range of motion. READ MORE

Lisa Newcomb Owner/Director of The Belfast Dance Studio

Kyung-sun is excellent at helping me become more aware and connected to my own body. When I finish a session I feel flexible, well-balanced and strong. I so enjoy working with Kyung-Sun doing gyrotonic exercise! READ MORE

Penny Harris Consultant

Kyung-sun Baek
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