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What is GYROTONIC Exercise?

Gyrotonic exercise is a way of working out that utilizes circular and spiraling movement patterns to increase joint mobility—particularly in the spine.

Different from many other approaches, gyrotonic movements simultaneously strengthen AND stretch the body, increasing stability & range of motion, correcting posture and stimulating a healthy energy flow throughout the whole body.

Done with the assistance of beautifully specialized exercise equipment, that’s highly adjustable to fit your unique physique and ability, gyrotonic exercise uses spiraling movement patterns to decompress, stretch and strengthen your entire spine.

And this leads to a cascade of toning & invigorating effects on all the major systems of your body!

Kyung-sun Baek does Gyrotonic Exercise traning with Lisa

Not only is your spine the foundation for all movement; many schools of medicine, both traditional and “alternative”, believe having a strong and supple spine to be the very foundation for good health and energy flow through the whole body-mind.


Kyung-sun Gyrotonic Exercise - healthy circuclar back movement
Kyung-sun Gyrotonic Exercise - Back Strengthening

A gyrotonic workout session consists of gentle, progressively challenging exercise sequences that promote multi-directional and circular movement throughout your body, combined with coordinated breathing. As a result, over the course of several weeks of regular sessions, your whole body naturally adapts to a more optimal state of flexibility, strength and vitality.

And this leaves YOU feeling more free of pain & discomfort in your day-today activities and more energized & inspired to go out and life your life more fully!

Having done many different exercise methods over the years, gyrotonic exercise is the one that has made the biggest positive impact on my health & energy. 

It can sound hard to believe, but with a just a few sessions of gyrotonic exercise per week, I find I’m in better shape than ever, feel flexible & strong and consistently have more energy!

And this is why I'm so passionate about sharing it with other women who are looking to step more into their best fitness, health and positive energy!

I invite you to read more below about the many specific benefits of gyrotonic exercise and see if it seems like something that might help YOU to increase you own fitness, health and energy 🙂

The 3 Main Benefits of Gyrotonic Exercise:

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> Eliminate Physical Pains & Improve Health

Gyrotonic exercise fluidly engages the whole body, conditioning all your major systems to move and function in a naturally integrated way. As a result, your aches and pains quickly diminish and your overall health and vitality improve!


> Develop Strength & Ease of Movement

By simultaneously stretching and strengthening your body, gyrotonic exercise has a very balanced, gentle yet invigorating effect on the body...


> Reduce Stress & Increase Positive Energy

Stress is the body's natural response to a lack of healthy flow. Gyrotonic exercise, promotes a profound state of integrated flow throughout your whole body.

Strengthening, energizing, inspiring & fun!

Doing Gyrotonic exercise sessions with Kyung-Sun has been strengthening, energizing, inspiring and fun!  Gyrotonic exercise adds a fluidity to my physical body that translates into my life. I immediately felt the satisfaction of moving my spine, joints, muscles in circular patterns and finding the energy connections.  The machines are amazing, offering an endless variety of options for moving and stretching my body; each workout session is different than the previous one.  I appreciate the flexibility and strength I have gained. The quality of Kyung-Sun’s instruction is superb, and the atmosphere in the studio is warm and peaceful. I’m a very satisfied client.

Maurine Joy Owner, Midcoast Pilates Studio

Kung-sun is a wonderful Gyrotonic instructor

Kung-sun is a wonderful Gyrotonic instructor. With all her knowledge about the body, Kyung-sun is excellent at helping me become more aware and connected to my own body. She helps me quickly identify where I might need to strengthen or increase flexibility. She is patient, encouraging and supports you feeling comfortable learning and doing all the movements. When I finish a session I feel flexible, well-balanced and strong. I so enjoy working with Kyung-Sun and love doing gyrotonic exercise!


Penny Harris Consultant

How the Gyrotonic Exercise Sessions Work


We start each session with a brief check in and relaxation-grounding exercise. From there, I guide clients through a progressive series of gentle warm up movements, centered in arching and curling the spine, to gently awaken the senses and open up the body’s main energy pathways.


In the next series, we gradually expand on these core spinal undulations, adding more complex movement & rhythmic sequences. These sequences incorporate more of the hips, shoulders, hands and feet and build greater coordination & flow while increasing range of motion, strength and vitality throughout the whole body..


The session winds down with a calming, unwinding sequence designed to prepare the body & mind to reintegrate with the rest of your day.


Even after a first session, many clients report feeling a profound feeling of alignment, relation and gentle strength in the body.

Within 3-5 sessions, people typically start to notice an increased alignment, flow and improved overall physicality benefiting them throughout the day.



GYROTONIC Pulley Tower 3

In the Gyrotonic sessions, we do the majority of our work using the Gyrotonic Expansion System— a very special exercise apparatus I have here in my studio. This ingenious (and rather revolutionary) piece of fitness equipment both strengthens and stretches the body by simultaneously creating gentle push and pull tensions. Your body is getting stronger at the same time your joints & muscles are becoming more expanded and able to move freely!

Like in any area of life, using better tools helps create better results more easily and quickly! Clients find that doing exercise supported by this special equipment helps them more effortlessly move in healthy, integrated ways, which naturally opens the body to a greater range of motion, builds valuable core strength, coordination and overall flow. 

Highly adjustable, it can be customized to fit each person’s unique physique, and ability, adapting for things such as height, arm and leg length and physical ability.