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Once you complete this form, give me a call and let's schedule your first session! If you have any questions, just call or email me and we'll get them answered. (Please check out the FAQ page first and see if that answers it for you already.)



Intake Form for First Time Clients

  • General Information

  • Your Fitness

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  • Your General Health

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  • Client Participation Waiver

  • And finally, here is a very condensed version of the Terms & Agreements doc you just read above (do please read the whole version too 🙂

    In working together with Kyung-sun Baek, I agree to follow the prescribed safety indications and follow instructions as to how to perform the exercises.

    I understand that doing body conditioning, such as GYROTONIC exercise, and/or mind-body life coaching, such as The UZAZU Mind-body Method, has inherent risks which I fully assume responsibility for.

    In case of bodily injury, damage to personal property, or mental-emotional or other forms of personal difficulty, I release any claim I might have against Kyung-sun Baek, Gyrotonic, or UZAZU.

    I understand I must provide notice of cancellations at least 24 hours before scheduled appointments and that I will be charged the full session fee for any late cancellations.

  • Please draw in your signature in the window above using your trackpad, mouse, or mobile screen device, then hit submit, and we'll both be emailed a copy. Thank you!

Once you submit this Intake Form, give me a call at 207-841-5770 and let's schedule your first session!